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Karen Weingart
Founder & President
of Synectics

President's Message

Synectics has grown over the years into a national leader in the staffing business. There are no real secrets to this growth, but there are some guidelines that we have tried to apply consistently over time, including: quick response to advances in technology; unhesitating adoption of all employer/employee legislation; and prompt revision of our internal processes to meet the ever-changing demands of our market.

We aim to become more valuable to our clients by providing excellent service at a competitive price in an efficient, timely and sustainable manner. We also aim to become more beloved by our employees by providing opportunities for learning and career growth, appealing compensation plans, and a sense of well-being derived from the knowledge that our company is strong, successful and sensibly managed.

We truly believe in shared economic prosperity and toward that end, we seek out diversity owned firms for the services and products we purchase. In all our endeavors, we never forget that we are in a “people” business, and we treat our employees, our clients, our applicants, our service providers, our colleagues and our neighbors respectfully, graciously, professionally and fairly, remembering that we earn our reputation every day.


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