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Synectics is one of the nation's foremost staffing firms, working with a client base that includes some of the leading institutions and Fortune 100 corporations in the United States. We seek to bring the most highly qualified professionals to assignments that they will find challenging and fulfilling. We also seek to justify our clients’ expectations that every Synectics consultant will bring the highest possible effort to their endeavors every day. Our success has depended on our consistent ability to achieve both of these goals.

Synectics serves an extremely diverse client base which represents an equally diverse range of industries and institutions. The technologies we support have always been responsive to this extremely broad spectrum. In order to fully engage with this continually changing commercial and technological landscape, our employees must draw on their own varying interests, skills and backgrounds. This insight, reflected in our daily practices, has always been our fundamental strength as a company, and it continues to serve us well in all our efforts.

     Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities - Illinois Business Enterprise Program    
syn-ec·tics \ si-'nek-tiks \ n pl but usu sing in constr [perh. fr. Gk synektiktein to bring forth together (fr. syn- + ektiktein to bring forth, fr. ex- out + tiktein to beget) + E -s (as in dialectics) - more at EX·THANE]: A theory or system of problem-stating and problem-solution based on creative thinking that involves free use of metaphor and analogy in informal interchange within a carefully selected group of individuals of diverse personality and areas of specialization.
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