• Our success is in large measure due to our clear understanding of what business we are in and how to maintain our focus on that business. This has earned us the respect of our clients and the devotion of our employees.



When I started this company, there were no desktop computers, no cell phones, no Internet, no email, no social media – none of those things we depend on today. But what I started with was an idea about improving this industry.


Today, Synectics is one of the nation’s most highly respected staffing firms, working with a prestigious client base that includes some of the leading institutions and Fortune 500 corporations in the United States.


Longevity of our clients

Our first clients in 1984 are still our clients today.

Tenure of our employees

We have employees who have been with us for 30 years.


We have the infrastructure in terms of staff, procedures, and systems to support high-quality, high-speed, high-volume recruiting and to manage, maintain, and protect our workforce.

New employee onboarding

Our New Employee Onboarding, customized for each new member of our staff, aims to eliminate on-the-job co-employment misunderstandings while affirming our responsibilities regarding data integrity, privacy and security.

In-house technology and data security

Our innovative, trademarked systems enable us to achieve efficient and effective recruiting while also laying the groundwork for sustainable business practices.

Corporate citizenship

We believe in environmental stewardship, and we participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project and Ecodesk. We believe in shared economic prosperity and seek out diversity suppliers. We believe in community service and charitable giving. We are known by our clients and our employees to be honest and ethical, and to demonstrate the highest level of integrity in all our dealings.


From its start, over a quarter of a century ago, Synectics has been keenly aware of its role in the lives of its employees and clients, and its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. This awareness has always been a major influence in our thoughts and actions, and now provides added emphasis to our efforts to use our physical resources wisely and efficiently. Whether through office paper and supply recycling, energy-saving lighting and fixturing, or trading paper and plastic for china and flatware, our focus is on the practical goals that we can achieve for the present and extend over time.