Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

Job Post Index 203A9A-Sy##
Location New Brunswick, NJ
Description: Description
  • Conduct specialized, innovative drug delivery research to address specific delivery problems for peptide/biologic and nucleic acid pipeline assets.
  • Conduct research on innovative drug delivery formulation technologies for macromolecule drugs to extend their release, stabilize and sustain their pharmacokinetics (PK), or alter PK to improve overall compliance.
  • Explore lipid/polymer based particulate systems and gel based systems to apply to pipeline drugs.
  • Formulate prototypes for each delivery approach, characterize the material, test the in vitro drug release experiments, and collaborate to test the in vivo PK
  • Contribute to the experimental design, plan and coordinate in vitro/in vivo experiments, perform chromatographic / spectroscopic analysis, analyze the data and present findings.
  • Work collaboratively with team members to execute studies
Skills: Qualifications
  • PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, drug delivery, biotechnology or related field with 0-2 years of experience.
  • Fundamental knowledge of drug delivery (large molecules - peptide, proteins, etc.) systems through thesis project.
  • Hands-on expertise with drug delivery technology design, formulation prototyping, use of appropriate formulation processing unit operations, in vitro drug release testing, and material characterization is required.
  • Characterizing in vivo testing
  • Peptide and nucleic acid experience required
  • Lipids and polymers experience preferred
  • Knowledge of pharmacokinetics
  • Strong proficiency in interpreting experimental data and good familiarity with routine analytical techniques (HPLC/UPLC chromatography, UV/fluorescence spectrometry).
  • Collaborate to gain a broad mechanistic view of delivery performance.
  • Highly motivated, exhibit an innovative mindset, and possess strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills to effectively function as an individual contributor in a team environment.

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