Financial Manager

Job Post Index 2133D6-Sy##
Location Batavia, IL
Description: Description
  • Responsible for the analysis, coordination, execution, management, oversight and strategic planning of all budget and financial activities for the project.
  • Prepare cost information for the monthly reports and submitting them to the PM for approval and transmission
  • Monitor expenditures of DOE and funds held in financial accounts of partner institutions; tracks and reports deviations from baseline schedules and costs and prepares the Project Accounting Task Structure
  • Track Project financial information on a weekly (or monthly) basis and as needed for reports/reviews
  • Contributes to Project Documentation required by DOE O413.3b
  • Track requisitions as needed and tracks monthly costs and obligations
  • Ensure appropriate accruals are entered for completed materials and services work scope
  • Use the company Financial Management System (FMS) to establish individual cost codes and to track and monitor such expenses as charge-backs from other Divisions/Sections, and other company related costs.
  • Report on actual hours charged to each chargeable task from the company effort reporting system and initiate corrections for any reporting errors.
  • Monitor progress of requisitions and procurements via the company procurement system.
  • Issue a report on any late and upcoming deliveries (2 months into the future) for material purchases as determined by the promise date of purchase orders.
  • Provide a report of new purchase orders approved in the company procurement system.
  • Analyze service contracts and initiate any required accruals for services received but not yet invoiced using the company approved forms.
  • Monitor monthly costs and initiate any required cost transfers using the required company forms.
  • Generate the detailed monthly cost and effort hours reports to be used for variance analysis by Cost Account Managers.
  • With input from the partner laboratories (e.g., BNL and LBNL), generate the monthly cost and hours worked reports to be entered into the company Earned Value Management System (EVMS) in the format required by the system.
  • Prepare the cost report in the required format for the Project Manager’s monthly report to DOE.
  • Verify the accuracy of the requested hours for the upcoming fiscal year and assure that the data entered into the laboratories
  • Budget and Planning System (BPS)match to the request.
  • Enter Materials, Services and Reserve budgets into BPS and confirm that the total allocated budgets match the guidance entered into the system.
As Needed
  • Create and maintain the project structure and chargeable tasks in the company accounting system.
  • Review and update budget allocations in BPS.
  • Assist in the review of invoices to assure proper payment.
  • Submit the required forms to close purchase orders that do not automatically close in the procurement system.
  • Generate any ad-hoc reports or financial analysis required by project management, including any specialized reports needed by the cost and schedule group.
  • Assist as necessary in estimating the project cost and the obligation profile.

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